Marketing and promotion

  • Building a hotel's reputation as a promotion and sales tool.
  • Hotel's image. Reputation program budgeting. Measuring results
  • Tariff policy. Dynamic pricing. Analysis of competitors to form the best price. Using software to optimize the sales system
  • Development of a marketing concept and business model. Identifying Opportunities and Setting the Right Goals
  • Determination of target groups and their real needs. SWOT analysis.
  • Formation of a sales program for basic and additional services. Hotel upsells

Online sales

  • Online sales systems in the hotel. Distribution mix
  • Automation of business processes in sales
  • Bookings - Online VS Offline
  • Is social media just communication or sales as well?
  • Messengers (Facebook, Viber, Telegram ...) to help sales
  • Optimization of the work of telephone operators (reservation service)
  • Chatbots - how to use it correctly and get results.
  • Working with search engines for sales (Yandex, Google)
  • E-mail communication and mailing
  • Optimizing hotel website to increase conversion
  • Pricing policy for OTA
  • Using metasearch engines (Trivago, Hotellook, Kayak ...)


  • Income forecast
  • Hotel sustainability and efficiency analysis
  • Business planning
  • Staffing table
  • Operating costs, rationing
  • Calculation of the room cost
  • Calculation of operating profitability and invested capital profit

Service standards

  • Principles of standards formation
  • Bringing standards to employees
  • Standards:
  • Reception and accommodation service
  • Service of restaurants and bars
  • Sales standard
  • Corporate standard
  • Security Service

Communication with guests

  • General rules of relationship
  • The speed of reaction to the guest's request
  • Standardization of the relationship with the guest
  • Conflict guest
  • Rules of conduct in a conflict
  • Non-standard guests and requests and how to respond to them
  • Working with reviews