Sales & Marketing

ServicesSales & Marketing


  • Information and marketing promotion of the hotel in various markets
  • Centralized booking and sales system
  • Organization of sales to corporate clients with the help of gallery sales offices
  • Using media capabilities of the gallery for promotion
  • Organization of interaction between the hotel sales department and the gallery sales department
  • Analyzing sales performance using reporting standards and adjusting work

Revenue management

  1. Optimal taxation system
  2. Implementation of control and dispatching systems
  3. Centralized procurement
  4. Sales centralization


  • Hotel market monitoring, marketing research
  • Effective work with target groups
  • Development of special service packages for various network groups
  • Development of online sales, connecting hotels to GDS and IRS systems
  • Centralized promotion of Gallery hotels at industry and professional events
  • Organization of network activities
  • Participation in professional competitions and programs
  • Centralized media advertising
  • Organization of work of the press service
  • Implementation of a network loyalty program