Hotel Operations

ServicesHotel Operations

Full cycle of hotel operation

  • Under a unique hotel name (no brand provided)
  • Under the Cronwell Hotels & Resorts brand
  • By franchise of international brands
  • Cronwell Hospitality Consulting provides comprehensive hotel management


  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of uniform standards of the hotel chain / hotel
  • Financial management
  • Personnel Management
  • Customer service quality
  • Document flow
  • Software
  • Form style
  • Hotel equipment
  • Adaptation of existing standards, if necessary (unique object, territory of the object's location, etc.)
  • Providing transparent financial reporting for the investor
  • Cost management, selection of professional contractors
  • Interaction with government bodies, trade unions and associations
  • Professional development of personnel

Service quality assurance

  • Implementation and maintenance of standards
  • Mystery Calls & Mystery Guests System
  • Service audit
  • Trainings
  • Implementation of a performance-based remuneration system
  • Exchange of experience between the hotels of the chain
  • Conducting skill contests

Monitoring and reporting

  • Implementation of hotel management systems and additional infrastructure
  • Organization of marketing and financial planning
  • Organization of the system of weekly, monthly, and annual reporting in accordance with the Cronwell standard

Project examples

Breeze Hotel Amsterdam

Breeze Hotel Amsterdam

Netherlands, Amsterdam

January 2020 - present