Cronwell Hospitality Consulting provides comprehensive professional support to hotel owners, both at the stage of hotel construction and during the "project launch". We will help you successfully open a hotel and create a solid base for further successful development. Having gained experience in hotel management, we will offer you best options at every stage: starting from a concept and choosing a location for your hotel and finishing with consulting regarding equipment and staff recruiting.

Concept and business planning

  • Analysis of tourist flow in the specified territory (directions, seasonality, transport accessibility, etc.)
  • Selection and analysis of potential competitors by directions, considering the infrastructure of additional services
  • Analysis of existing and potential target groups, their infrastructure requirements, budget and demand for services
  • SWOT analysis of a potential object from the point of view of competitiveness
  • Concept development
  • Proposals for pricing and assortment policies for services
  • Occupancy forecast and average cost of services
  • Forecast of operating income during the implementation of the project by areas (room stock, additional services)
  • Forecast of operating expenses during the implementation of the investment period project.
  • Profit and loss forecast for project implementation
  • Cash flow forecast for project implementation
  • Calculation of financial indicators (ratios) of the project
  • Assessment of the impact of changes in key risk factors on financial forecasts

Technical support

Cronwell Hospitality Consulting will provide full technical support from the initial design stage. The hotel owner does not have to puzzle over what equipment, software or furniture have to be purchased, how to plan public areas and living rooms.

Cronwell Hospitality Consulting organizes all procedures prior to the opening of the hotel. Provide an inspection of the facility by representatives of our company. Organizes test drives and connects the hotel to all technological systems.

Each owner can be sure that by the time of opening his hotel will be included in all international reservation and sales systems. Representing an international hotel chain, Cronwell Hospitality Consulting understands how important it is to choose the appropriate hotel brand that will not only match the building itself, but also become the key to the development and recognition of your hotel.

  • Preliminary consultation
  • Determination of the optimal category and the necessity to use an international brand
  • Assistance in selecting and attracting a brand (if necessary)
  • Pre-project and project support
  • Pre-zoning
  • Development of technical specifications for design (if necessary, involving a design team)
  • Technical support for design and construction
  • Consulting on equipment, equipment and configuration
  • Analysis of suppliers' commercial proposals, organization of tenders
  • Selection and training of personnel
  • Staffing development
  • Assistance in the selection of the Manager and staff
  • Consulting in the selection of software
  • Providing key job descriptions and procedures
  • Preparation and organization of the opening




Project examples

Breeze Hotel Amsterdam

Breeze Hotel Amsterdam

Netherlands, Amsterdam

January 2020 - present

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

Greece, Halkidiki